Adult Missions Week Volunteer Opportunities

There are many ways adults are able to volunteer with the Chambersburg Project. The first way adults can serve is by being a crew leader. As a crew leader, you will lead and supervise a group of teens as they work together on various home repair projects. If you have experience in roofing, carpentry, plumbing, painting, or yard work, then this job is for you! (If you don’t have any experience in these areas, you are still able to serve as a crew leader).

Adults are able to serve in many other capacities besides being a crew leader. Adults can assist in the kitchen, drive teens to crew sites, drive materials to crew sites, serve as a project inspector, be a nurse, chaperone teens overnight, provide camp security, help with the missions week set up/tear down, and much more! If none of these fit you, send us an email and we’ll find a way for you to help! Click here for Registration Details.
**We encourage adults to volunteer for the full week of Chambersburg Project. However, we recognize some are unable to give a full week. If you can only serve part of the week or part of the day, we encourage you to still sign up and help when you can!**