Who can participate?

Youth may participate as part of Chambersburg Project if they have completed the sixth grade or are at least 12 years of age.

Adults age 18 to 21 may serve as chaperones, assist in the kitchen, or serve on a crew alongside other adults. They may not serve as crew leaders or transport youth.

Adults over age 21 are needed to serve as crew leaders, drivers, material runners, kitchen staff, school security, medical staff, and chaperones. Adults are required to complete background checks by Chambersburg Project, Inc. Any background check policy that is required by your church group to attend a missions trip with youth supersedes our policy.

What about groups?

If more than three (adults or youth) individuals are attending from your church, we strongly encourage you to register as a group and designate an individual (usually the youth pastor) as the group leader. Chambersburg Project will send specific information to the group leader and most information will be communicated through that person. Registration forms and payments will be sent by this person as well.

What does it cost?

All youth entering the 12th grade or younger are required to pay the $200 registration amount. Adults are not required to pay a registration amount but are encouraged to give a donation to offset the cost of the work camp.

Payment can be made by check or money order to “Chambersburg Project, Inc” to the address listed above. Scholarships are available if cost is an issue. Scholarship information is available by calling our office at 717-261-0045.

Will I receive confirmation of registration?

When registering a group, you will designate a “primary contact”. The primary contact will receive all mission trip communication.

This individual will be responsible for relaying all information to your youth. Each youth who registers will receive a confirmation that will be sent to your primary contact. Adult volunteers will receive confirmation from the team leader of the area in which they have chosen to serve.

What about cancellations?

If you wish to cancel your group or reduce the number of participants, you must contact the Registration Coordinator at the information above.

If you cancel a participant two weeks prior to the work camp, the registration fee will be reimbursed at the full rate. If a participant cancels two weeks prior to the work camp until the day of the work camp, the registration fee may be reimbursed at half the rate. If you have a student cancel at the last minute, their registration amount can be applied towards a new student and that student may take their place.

Do I need insurance and what about liabilities?

It is important for all participants to have sufficient medical insurance. Each participant is required to complete the medical insurance form as part of their registration information. All individuals are required to have medical insurance by the Affordable Care Act.

What if I take medications?

Any required prescription medications will be administered by the work camp staff on a daily basis to youth 17 years of age or younger. Please have participants indicate medications taken on their medical release forms. Medications will be collected at registration and given back at the end of the work camp.

Who provides transportation?

We ask that all groups bring adequate transportation that can be used the entire week to transport participants back and forth to work sites. Church vans are appropriate for use. Material will be provided to cover the interior of the vehicle to prohibit dirt and stains if requested.

Should I bring my own tools and supplies?

All necessary tools and supplies will be delivered to your worksite or provided to you the first day of work. We encourage adult crew leaders to bring their own tools if they have them. Students may bring their own tools, but their names should be clearly marked. Chambersburg Project is not responsible for lost items.

What is the schedule?

It is critical for all participants to be in attendance from start to finish. We understand that individuals have other pre-arranged activities scheduled and therefore may need to arrive late, leave early, or leave and return. Please provide a written note at the time of registration as to the date and time your student will be leaving and returning to Chambersburg Project.

When do we eat? Can I bring my own snacks?

Chambersburg Project provides dinner and a snack on Sunday evening. Breakfast, packed lunch, dinner and a snack will be provided Monday through Friday. Any additional food or snacks that adults or students bring must be eaten in the cafeteria or other designated areas only.

Where will I shower?

Adults and students will be working in the heat and getting dirty, so showering is a necessity! Students will be provided private showers for the week. Shower changing areas may or may not be private because Chambersburg Project is hosted in a school and locker rooms are used. Adults will be offered a private shower area. Adults should not be showering with students under any circumstances.

How do I know what crew assignment I will have?

Adults that register to be crew leaders or assistants will be required to attend an orientation meeting prior to the work camp to review procedures and expectations, as well as determine their job choice.

Students will be assigned to crews based on the type of crew they choose on their registration form. Chambersburg Project makes the best effort to place students on the type of crew they select. Students are not typically placed on a crew with others from their church. If there is a special consideration, please contact us at the information above. Students will find out what crew they are on Sunday evening.

Where will I sleep?

All adults and youth that stay at Chambersburg Project will be assigned a room at registration. Church groups will stay together in a room/rooms. Adult chaperones are assigned to each room. Students that register individually will be assigned to a room with a Chambersburg Project assigned adult chaperone.

What are the evening activities?

Each year, our programming team works hard to create a worshipful experience that is appealing to students. Activities vary from year to year, but usually include some type of group game/activity, worship and a speaker, free time for volleyball, basketball, board games or hanging out and group devotional time in the evening.

What if I don’t come with a group?

If you don’t attend with a group, then there will be a designated Chambersburg Project staff who will lead your evening church devotional.

Who cleans everything up at the end of the week?

When crews return on Friday afternoon, Chambersburg Project staff will assist them in returning unused supplies and tools to the designated areas. Adults and students who stay at the school will be responsible for packing up and cleaning up their rooms where they stayed for the week. This includes removing all trash, unwanted items and sweeping the floor before departure. Public areas used during the week will be cleaned by Chambersburg Project staff.

Other questions? Contact us!