Chambersburg Project 2023 Summer Missions Trip
-Dates: July 9-14, 2023
-Registration Deadline: June 1
-Cost: $200 ($225 after June 1) for teens (must have completed 6th grade) and $0 for adults serving in a leadership capacity (18+)
-Location: To be announced

Instructions for Signing Up 
Teens can participate by serving on a crew that works throughout the week to make house repairs.
Adults can serve in a variety of ways. Adults can serve as co-crew leaders, serve in the kitchen, transport youth to job sites, deliver materials to job sites, provide school security, spend the night as a youth chaperone, and provide nursing aide. If none of these options fit you and you want to still serve, please contact us and we will find a way for you to serve! Please note that adults can serve in more than one capacity, as long as the times do not overlap (for example, you could serve in the kitchen, transport teens, and be an overnight chaperone). Also, we ask that crew leaders please sign up to transport youth to crew sites, as they will be driving the teens on their own crew (drivers must be 21 years of age).
Registration Forms
Please download and complete the appropriate form and follow the directions inside it.